East coast professors start remote retirement planning

Trying to beat the LA market from Florida.


Residential real estate prices in Los Angeles County are on a seven year roll and it is hard to predict if the trend will continue or not.  Two married professors both received their PhD’s from UCLA and really enjoyed there time in southern California; however, they both accepted teaching positions in Florida.  Though they are 15 years or more from retirement, they wanted to secure a home in the Los Angles area relatively close to the coast before they were completely priced out of the market.


We were approached to help them understand the current market pricing and sales trends.  After careful consideration, they set their sights on Pacific Palisades as their preferred location.  We showed them a number of suitable properties and eventually negotiated the purchase of one with partial ocean views.  We then set them up with a property management company so that they could explore their options for leasing the home out for the next 15 or so years.